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Recruiting and managing your permanent and temporary technology and digital workforce is more than an operational requirement. It’s a strategic imperative. That why its mission-critical to your organisation's success to choose a business partner who understands your unique goals and maps a clear path to achieving them. Efficiently. Simply. Effectively.

Technology Talent

Secure A-Level Tech Talent that help inspire innovation and business transformation

Digital & Creative Talent

Access high-end Digital Marketing Talent skilled across multiple in-demand platforms

Process Driven, Outcome Focused

  • Process: Structured, best practice processes that optimise your ability to secure the best talent IN and ON the Market
  • Speed: Refined processes and established candidate networks means we can deliver on brief candidate shortlists within 10-15 days. 
  • Research:  We do deep dives into the passive candidate market via unmatched local and global research and market mapping capabilities.
  • Assessment: We offer over 800 skills, behavioral and cognitive assessments to mitigate hiring risks and maximise hirng ROI.

Why ProSearch Partners?

Deep Domain Experience

Our search consultants interview  750 – 1,000 industry specific candidates a year, so we know who to find, who’s good, who’s not and why.

Industry Best Guarantees

Reduced hiring riks and greater hiring peace of mind with six-month replacement guarantees extendable to twelve months.

Unrivalled Reach

From Sydney to Singapore & San Francisco to Sao Paulo we idendify and secure  A-Level tech & digital talent needed to achieve your operation goals.


74% of our clients have enagged ProSearch Partners more than once, which means they trust us with their ongoing talent acquisition needs.

Executive Level Consultants

Our search consultants are executive level professionals with deep commercial experience within their respective specialisations.

Trusted by Candidates

95.4% of our candidates rate our industry knowledge as ‘above average’, so we can often attract candidates that other firms can’t move.